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Lake Louise


Established in 1885, it is the Birth Place of Canada’s national parks. It is the second-largest of the four Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks.


Banff National Park Highlights

  • Cave and Basin National Historic Site
  • The town of Banff,  the highest town in Canada, 1382 m
  • Lake Louise and Moraine Lake – two of the most popular destinations in the park.
  • A Castle in the mountains, the Banff Springs Hotel
  • Banff  Museum, 1903. The oldest museum of Natural History in Western Canada. 
  • Sulphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station National Historic Site
  • Wildlife overpasses and underpasses 
  • Lake Minnewanka, the First Nations called this the “Lake of the Water Spirit.” It is the largest lake in Banff National Park.
  • A long presence of First Nations: Stoney, Peigan, Kootenay, Cree and Assiniboine. 

Canada’s most popular national park- over 4.1 million visitors in 2019

Kootney National Park

Established in 1920, it is the third-largest of the four Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks.

Kootenay National Park Highlights:

  • Hanging glaciers
  • The Ktunaxa (k-too-nah-ha) First Nations 
  • The Mitchell, Vermillion, Brisco and Kootenay mountain ranges and their associated valleys 
  • The glacier-fed Vermillion and Kootenay Rivers
  • Deep canyon walls of Marble Canyon and Sinclair Canyon
  • Fire affected landscapes
  • Grassland restoration projects
  • Desert climates

Icefields Parkway

Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks

Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks

In 1984, Banff, Yoho, Kootenay and Jasper National Parks, along with Hamber, Mt. Robson, and Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Parks, became the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks UNESCO World Heritage Site, 

“….in recognition of the area’s outstanding natural beauty, floral and faunal diversity and for being a prime example of ongoing geological processes such as glaciation and canyon formation.” (UNESCO, 2021)


Places given special mention were Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, the Columbia Icefield, and the Burgess Shale.


The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 

UNESCO designates places as World Heritage Sites (WHS) identified as significant natural, cultural, or both, value to the world!  There are over 1100 WHS, where protection and concentration expectations go beyond provincial and national parks.  Currently, there are 20 WHS sites across Canada. 

Yoho National Park

Established in 1886, it is the smallest of the four Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks and home to a second UNESCO World Heritage site, the Burgess Shale.  

Yoho National Park Highlights :

  • Emerald Lake, a beautiful emerald-coloured mountain lake; four hikes in this book start at Emerald Lake, and it is an excellent Plan B destination. 
  • Stunning waterfall hikes, including an easy, stroller and wheelchair accessible walk to Takakkaw Falls, the second-highest waterfall in Canada.
  • Glaciers and Glacier carved valleys. 
  • The Burgess Shale, a UNESCO World Heritage site (1980). Accessible by guided hike only.
  • Home to Lake O’Hara, an ecologically sensitive backcountry camping and hiking area. 
  • Two railway tunnels, spiralling through Cathedral Mountain and Mt. Ogden.
  • Three Canadian National Historic site designations: The Spiral Tunnels, Kicking Horse Pass and Kicking Horse.  
  • The historic Town of Field, British Columbia.
  • A natural rock bridge, carved by glaciers and water.

Paget Fire Lookout. The oldest remaining fire lookout in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks.

Jasper National Park

Established in 1907. The park is the largest of the four Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks and the most northerly.  It offers a taste of true Candian Rockies wilderness.


Jasper National Park Highlights

    • The 3 M’s: Maligne Canyon, Maligne Valley and Maligne Lake. All offer stunning vistas and natural wonders. 
    • A parkway sculpted by glaciers, The Icefields Parkway.  Glaciers, turquoise blue lakes, wildlife and stunning panoramic mountain views make this the best scenic drive in the Canadian Rockies.
    • The Athabasca Glacier.  one of the most accessible glaciers in the world. It is an outflow glacier from the Columbia Icefield. 
    • Miette Hot Springs. The hottest known mineral springs in the Canadian Rocky Mountain national parks. 
  • A strong First Nations presence and history: the Nehiyawak (Cree), Sahlisha (Shuswap) and Nakota (Stoney) peoples.
    • A key route and mountain pass opened a route for the fur trade, Athabasca Pass, 1811.
    • A designated Dark Sky Preserve, the second largest in the world.
  • The Jasper Skytram offers easy access to a 2,740 metre peak, with minimal effort. 
    • Mount Edith Cavell. A majestic 3300-metre peak that towers over the Athabasca Valley and the Town of Jasper. 
  • Stunning, easily accessed waterfalls: Athabasca Falls, Sunpwata Falls, Tangle Falls 
  • The Town of Jasper. Jasper is a full-service town.

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Your book is an excellent read. We are quite impressed and look forward to putting it to use Very good for sure ! ! !


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